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Sensory Experiences.

Energy Balancing with Himalyan Singing Bowl
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The following treatments combine sensory experiences with massage techniques to release deeply held tensions in the body and mind, stimulate energy flow and promote holistic well-being.

  • Sound Therapy with Himalayan Singing Bowls. 60 minutes

    Turn your focus from the outside, inwards. Start to slow things down with an aromatherapy inhalation using deep, relaxed breathing motions and a palm walk along the energy pathways. Himalayan singing bowls create a sound bath experience of sonic vibrations that ripple through the body, promoting a deeply meditative state.

    * No oil. Please dress comfortably.

  • Couple's Journey. 90 minutes

    Reignite togetherness and desire in a playful, romantic way. Inspired by the seduction rituals of the Surma tribe in Ethiopia, couples spend time in a private steam room using their fingers to draw pattern all over each other's bodies with mud, before experiencing a 60 minute Afrique Aroma massage with their choice of essential oil blends in a couple's therapy suite. Return to your room to spend time together as you so desire.

  • African Experience. 120 minutes

    De-stress the mind and heal the body by reconnecting the physical and the emotional on a higher level through a sensorial journey. Experience an Ostrich egg and feather ritual, an aromatherapy massage, a glowing facial and meditation with African sound therapy. An experience for all five senses.

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