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Capturing the mood

The Italian art witnessed drastic movements in the period between 1850 to 1950, giving a platform for the emergence of several noteworthy artists.

One such name belonging to that era is of Alcide Davide Campestrini. One of his creations, Lettura Patriottica, caught the attention of the art collectors and continues to be a treasured possession. The painting depicts a young reader, dressed in a red shirt that inevitably evokes Garibalbi and the unification of Italy. The portrait of the pensive young women and close-up interior views imbue the collection with a poetic mood.
Campestrini was an artist with a strong patriotic fibre. He is known for his religious subjects, landscapes, portraits, genre scenes of the late 1800s, military scenes with patriotic intent of the beginning 1900s and decorations of villas and palaces (especially in Trentino), where the artist worked


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