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This season, drive in style with these uber-luxurious four-wheeled debutantes

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If you love to put pedal to metal while sitting in the lap of supreme luxury, cast an eye at the most ritzy four-wheeled marvels that money can buy. lamborghini Centenario One-offs are not new to Lamborghini, the Italian marque known for its stunning supercars with extreme performance. Thus, the breathtaking new Centenario comes as no surprise. A grand total of 759 horses beg to be unleashed from the V12 naturally-aspirated powerplant, pushing the car to a top speed of 350 km/h! Its jagged, severe form follows its aero-driven function – a smooth silhouette, gouge-like air intakes from the rocker panels to the roof, triangular vents to cool the brakes and a huge diffuser at the back with three angled tailpipes and dramatic, Y-shaped taillamps on either end. Over 300 kg lighter than the Aventador, other spoils include the high-definition infotainment system and a performance data recorder to log top speeds, g-forces, and lap times. Want to buy the car? Find an owner who will accept a bribe – all 40 models (20 each of coupés and roadsters) were sold out well ahead of the expected delivery (in 2017)! An SUV that can do 301 km/h, hit 100 km/h from rest in a tad above four seconds and hides a W12 twin-turbo powerplant under that impressive hood? Yes – the Bentayga is all that and more! The first SUV from the venerable British brand, the Bentayga is comfortably the world’s fastest SUV. Do not doubt its off-road capabilities for an instant – it has height-adjustable suspension, multiple off-road modes and a maximum ground clearance of more than nine inches. The interior is a thing of beauty – double-glazed windows, two-tone leather, highly polished burr veneer, seats that cool and massage your back, a colour heads-up display, a glass-faced knob with a digital display for temperature controls, separate AC vents with remote control for rear-seat passengers and an exclusive Naim audio system with nearly 2,000 watts of power and a price higher than some small cars! McLaren 570GT According to McLaren, the 570GT is its first supercar that is not targeted just at the racetrack. Designed to be more understated than its siblings, the 540C and 570S, the hope is that a newer, larger set of buyers would come into the McLaren fold, attracted by not just its power but also its elegance and comfort. Convenience features abound – eight-way adjustable seats with heating and memory, concealed storage in each door and below the armrest, and 150+220 litres (front and rear) storage space! Performance remains up there with the best. With a 3.8-litre twin-turbo petrol engine, the car hits the ton from rest in just 3.4 seconds and the double-ton in 9.8 seconds.


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