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Ginarte is a journey into beauty, a harmonic synthesis, an expression of strength and delicacy, a hymn to wonder and dazzling transparency where tradition is wrapped in the light of renewal

I have always believed in celebrating the little pleasures of life. I believe in looking at the world as a creation of art, an idea that was passed on to me by my father, Roberto Cavalli. Together, at our estate in Tuscany, we have explored the craft of brewing gin, of coming up with unique concoctions. The idea of a distillate that stands apart for its unique infusion of art and its bottle’s design comes from the strong bond I have always had with art, through my family and my city, Florence. The essence of art lies in its ability to transmit emotions. In its broadest sense, art is composed of all those activities that result in the myriad expressions of creativity and aesthetic forms. There is not a single language or a single interpretation for art. The inspiration for Ginarte rises from this very understanding. Ginarte is a premium Italian gin dedicated to the art world. The elegant style of the distillate complements the uniqueness of the concept and design of its bottle.

Created in partnership with some friends and two famous Italian mixologists, our gin is an ode to the marvels that art produces. Just as it is with any kind of beauty, our one-of-a-kind gin is suffused with an artistic soul. Our essence lies in life’s pleasures and explorations, and our designs are for those who know how to appreciate the beauty of everyday life and find poetry in it. We wanted to produce a smooth, clean gin with a refined flavour. For the carefully crafted product, we wanted to put in the same effort that artists do when they bring a piece of art to life. Ginarte is a composition of the fruit of intuition and in-depth knowledge regarding the ingredients we use.

With care and precision, Ginarte uses juniper berries that only grow on the slopes of the Apennine mountains of Tuscany. The additional botanicals used in the concoction have a particular link to the world of art, reflecting the same in our dry distillate. These include plants such as calamint, safflower, mignonette, rubia and indigo. These plants had once been used by some of the cherished artists of the Renaissance period in their masterpieces. To these, Ginarte adds herbs like wild celery, lavender, hibiscus, mountain pine and pine buds and pine needles.

We follow the system of three distillation cycles and a filtration process that belongs to the oldest traditions, allowing the components to retain their essence and flavour.

The plants and the herbs, apart from the juniper berries, are infused in two separate batches in pure 55 per cent wheat alcohol, then distilled in a small, discontinuous, non-vacuum alembic to maintain the aromatic components. The distillates of the three infusions are then blended and left to rest for a few days, after which pure water of glacial origin is added until the alcohol content is 44 per cent. At this point, it passes through the low-temperature (-7°C) filtration phase on pure cellulose panels, which retain the oily parts still present in the blend.

Having explained the exquisiteness of Ginarte, what makes it truly unique is its bottling. The trademark bottle of Ginarte is an embodiment of the artistic essence captured within. The bottle is symbolic of the blank canvas of a painter, the rough block of marble for a sculptor and an empty page on which a poet pens his lines. The bottle’s design reflects all this and so much more. The priceless value that art adds to the bottle makes it stand out among all others. The idea of the bottle’s designs emerged when we first started working with artists like Lou Thissen.

Born in Stein, Dutch Artist Lou Thissen studied at the Art Academy in Tilburg (the Netherlands). He was also influenced by the visual impressions he experienced during his extensive travels abroad. I know that he takes inspiration from everything that makes humans move, literally and figuratively, including music, dance and sports. He and I share a particular interest in horses and a mutual fondness for the country of Italy. Thissen was the first artist we engaged with and commissioned to personalise a label for Ginarte. He created three paintings in honour of the Tuscan painter Pontormo, an Italian Mannerist painter and a portraitist of the Florentine School. I have studied his works that marked a profound change of style from the calm regularity that characterised the Florentine Renaissance art. Bottles of Ginarte, everywhere that they go, carry a legacy of art that is priceless.

Contained within Ginarte’s bottle is not just the dry, sophisticated distillate but also a representation of the artistic essence that was my inspiration. Ginarte is a way of seeing the world through artistic creativity, which is why we invited a variety of artists to unleash their creativity upon the bottles, to express a theme of special interest and personalise them. Each label on the side of the bottle is personalised by artists who have a free reign over their creativity. Painters, photographers, street artists, tattooists and designers, we want to involve everyone so that each bottle of Ginarte becomes a unique work of art, an individual expression that can simultaneously be universal and also be able to convey deep feelings and emotions.

Ginarte is a refined gin with distinctive traits that can inspire and free the imagination of the best mixologists all over the world, leading them to create signature cocktails. With Ginarte every cocktail is special. Cobber, Red Counter and Claremont are our recommendations to savour Ginarte in its best form. The precise and delicate mixing and the experimentation with several aromas and tastes to produce something so unique is a form of art in itself, and the cocktails created with Ginarte are nothing less than masterpieces.

I have always been attracted by Tuscany, its nature and lifestyle. My desire to make the most of a land that I love and at the same time to try a new professional challenge in a sector full of charm have helped me make Ginarte what it is today.


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