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Antique mystique

The Biennale des Antiquaires culminated this year in stunning glory, only to cast its spell afresh next year in a new format

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A marble and gold Louis XVI timepiece. A Henry Moore Bronze. A 19th century Kota-Obama Gabon. De Grisogono statement pieces… a bewitching affair brewing for the past 56 years between objets d’art and their paramours climaxed recently this year as the curtains fell on the Biennale des Antiquaires at the Grand Palais in Paris, so that the world’s most illustrious antiques fair may cast its spell afresh, in a new format, next year. As many as 125 renowned exhibitors who represent 14 nationalities arrayed the finest in the world of collectibles, from ornamental antiques and exquisite curios to timeless art. French collectors and Middle-Eastern connoisseurs mingled with some 30,000 guests from across the world. Debuting at the stunning event was India’s Nirav Modi, a fine jewellery exhibitor, who stoked the appetite of art hedonists at this feast of opulence. Next year, the fair will turn a new page beneath the soaring glass dome of the magnificent Grand Palais, engulfed in its new mystique.


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